About the Company

Line of business: Since date of foundation (31.05.2001) the company is supplier of crumbling nonmetallic building materials (natural and artificial crushed stone, granulated slag, sand, gravel, OPGS (enriched sand-gravel mixture)), delivery of raw material for cement industry by water transport (consumers are cement holding companies EUROCEMENT GROUP OJSC, Alfacement OJSC and others), sale of crushed stone, produced by Severstal, used in road and house building.

The Company effects delivery of   products to consumer by affreight water transport of independent transport operators (Shipowning company “Volzhskiy steamship line” OJSC, Cherepovets port OJSC and others) with economy optimization thanks to way cargo.
The company transshipment delivery: delivery by water transport, disembarkation, keeping, transport loading in own and/or rent auto-, railway transport delivered to consumer.
It effects products delivery for consumers by railway transport using leasehold wagons and wagons of (RZHD) Russian Railways.
It provides affreightment, agency, logistic services, water, railway and automobile shipment.

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